All That Glitters

Today I would like to share a favorite project of mine, Glitter Ornaments. It is another oldie but goodie project that has been brought back to life recently through Pinterest. Glitter ornaments look so beautiful on the tree and are so easy to make. They take little effort, little supplies and little money. That’s my kind of project!

All you need to get started is some inexpensive clear glass ornaments that you can find for really cheap at most craft stores, Stampin’Up! reinkers, glitter, a small funnel, a small glass or two for draining, and some ribbon (optional). I have all my supplies laid out for you in the following photo.


The first thing you will want to do is to gently remove the top of the ornament and then take a reinker and squeeze a good amount into the ball. You will want enough to coat the entire inner ball with a thin coat of ink. Take your time and swirl it around so that there are no naked spots. You have to be patient in getting the whole thing covered because the bare spots will show through if you have them. I like using the old style reinkers for this project because the ink is easier to spread. If you use the new style ink you might need to add a few drops of water. I had success with 25 drops reinker and 3 drops water. (The old ink needs no water.) After the inner ball is covered then turn the ball upside down and let the excess ink drain into a glass.




Now for the magic. Insert your funnel into the top and pour apx. 1 teaspoon of glitter into the ball and give it a good shake. Make sure you are covering the opening well as you do so or you will have a glitter wonderland in your craft room. you can empty any excess glitter back into your glitter jar. There is no need to let anything dry. The glitter is there to stay. I have no idea what makes it stick so well but I have some that ore over 5 years old and they still look the same. Next you just pop the top back onto the ornament and….



Taa-daaaa!!!! Isn’t it beautiful???? I used Pink Pirouette ink and silver glitter on this ball. Go ahead and get crazy with different colored inks and glitter. I have never seen a color combination that hasn’t been stunning.


You will have these all over your tree if you love glitter as much as I do. They also make a lovely gift and 4 fit perfectly in the extra large gift box found on page 37 of the Holiday Occasions Mini.


If you would like to order any Stampin’ Up! supplies visit my online store at

One last photo for you and a disclaimer….You WILL have technicolor fingers at the end of th eday so you might want to wear gloves.


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